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What is "My KC Scout"?

"My KC Scout" is an Internet service that provides up-to-the minute information regarding freeway travel and other vital information impacting the Greater Kansas City area.

You can designate which device(s) you'd like to receive your alerts from: computer taskbar, computer e-mail, mobile phone, or pager.

You can also choose any combination of alerts you'd like to receive: freeway traffic alerts, weather alerts, AMBER (child abduction) alerts, ozone (air quality) alerts, or homeland security alerts. As an added service, each "My KC Scout" subscriber will automatically receive public safety alerts that impact the Kansas City region.

Find out more by reading the Subscriber's Guide.

When do you want to receive your alerts?

"My KC Scout" allows you to select the time(s) of day and day(s) of the week to receive your freeway traffic alerts. Other alerts are time sensitive and are sent as they occur.

How do you want to receive your alerts?

"My KC Scout" sends text alerts to:
  • email addresses
  • mobile phones (applicable carrier charges apply)
  • pagers (applicable carrier charges apply)
  • a taskbar application downloaded to your computer

What type(s) of alerts do you want to receive?


Learn about traffic tie-ups before you hit the road. Receive traffic alerts for the freeways you travel most. By selecting the freeways you travel and the times and days of the week you travel them, you get only the traffic alerts you need.


Let "My KC Scout" warn you about severe weather possibly impacting your Kansas City-area travel as soon as the National Weather Service issues its watches and warnings. "My KC Scout" allows subscribers to select from a choice of weather alerts and county locations.


Child abduction alerts are helpful in finding children taken against their will who are believed to be in immediate danger. By receiving AMBER Alerts, you might help authorities save a child's life. "My KC Scout" sends AMBER Alerts to subscribers only if the alerts are issued for the Kansas City area. When you subscribe to this service, there is no time frame option for your selection. "My KC Scout" will send subscribers AMBER Alerts at the time they are issued.


"My KC Scout" sends public safety alerts only when a disaster affects the Kansas City region. "My KC Scout" subscribers will receive these alerts automatically regardless of when they occur.


Unhealthy air conditions require us to change some of our routines – such as refueling only after dar, carpooling, or postponing lawn mowing. Ozone alerts notify you of poor air quality forecasted for the following day – allowing you time to modify routines. "My KC Scout" sends ozone alerts only once on the day preceding the forecasted Ozone Alert Day.


"My KC Scout" only issues these alerts when the Department of Homeland Security changes the national Threat Advisory level. The Department of Homeland Security uses an Advisory System to measure and evaluate terrorist threats against the United States. The threat levels, defined at right, are communicated to the public in a timely manner. Changes in the Threat Advisory level can come at any time, and "My KC Scout" will alert you as soon as the Department of Homeland Security issues a change.

Please note that while the "My KC Scout" service is free of charge to all subscribers, charges from your mobile device carriers still apply.

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