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My KC Scout Taskbar Alert

The My KC Scout Taskbar Alert application can be downloaded to your computer. It will monitor the active alerts in the My KC Scout system and bring any alerts to which you have subscribed to your attention.

System Requirements

The Taskbar Alert has been tested on computers running Microsoft Windows 7/XP. You must also have the Microsoft Windows .NET Framework 4 installed for the Taskbar Alert to work.

If you do not have the Windows Windows .NET Framework, you can download it from Microsoft by following this link: Microsoft Windows .NET Framework.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the Taskbar Alert installation program. (You may want to make a note of where it gets saved when you download it.)

  2. Locate the TaskbarAlert.msi file.

  3. Install the Taskbar Alert by double-clicking on the TaskbarAlert.msi installation program.

When you install the Taskbar Alert, a shortcut to the program will be put into your Startup menu automatically. This way, it will be started each time you start your computer. If you need to, you can start the Taskbar Alert by double-clicking its icon on your desktop.

The first time you run the Taskbar Alert, it will open the configuration window. Enter your My KC Scout Username (which is the email address you used when you registered) in the space provided.

Note: If your Username is blank or invalid, you will receive all active alerts in My KC Scout.

Polling Interval

The default polling interval is 5 minutes, but you can set it higher if this is too often.

New Alert Message Display

When new alerts are detected, they will be displayed in a pop-up window that will fade after a certain number of seconds. If you don't want to see the pop-up window, then you can uncheck the "Fade window" checkbox. You will still be notified about new alerts when the green ball in the System Tray flashes red and yellow.


When the Taskbar Alert runs, it will sit in your System Tray in the lower-right corner. If the Taskbar Alert icon is a green ball, then there are no new alerts in the system. When there are new alerts, the icon will flash red and yellow. In addition to flashing the icon, you can also see the messages in a pop-up window.
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